Our vision is to be a caring and accepting church with Jesus at its centre, facing outwards to the local community and beyond.



Sunday School – 1912

The Baptist Church in Bewdley is generally accepted as being one of the earliest Baptist churches, having been founded in 1650 following a boisterous debate between John Tombes and Richard Baxter at St Anne’s church. The debate began at 9.00am and continued until 5.30pm, with the magistrates eventually having to restore order.

bbc front october 1925

The front of the church – Oct 1925

Although the church was not built until 1764 when this site was purchased, the church members met, like many of the early Christians, in people’s homes nearby. This was made possible by bequest made by a Mrs. Sheward who left £50 to the minister and £100 to assist in the building of a church.

The building has gone through many renovations, extensions and modernisations as the needs of the church and community have changed over the centuries.

wayfarers 1960s

Wayfarers – 1960s


Key Dates in the History of the Building

1764 Purchase of the land and building of the church
C1790 Building of a house (to enable Richard Bayliss, who had been invited to be minister, to carry on his hardware business)
1794 Repairs to the Vestry, erection of a partition there, purchase of four new pews, and new wainscoting in the minister’s house
1811 Repair to the roof which was in danger of collapse
1847 Church rebuilt ie extended and the roof raised
1925/6 Building of Sunday School rooms at the front of the church
1928 Electricity installed
1949/50 School room extended, toilets and a kitchen added
1978 Land and garages purchased from the Manor House and converted into schoolrooms
1984/5 New Kitchen and toilets built and the side wall of the schoolroom strengthened
1988 Church closed – structurally unsafe
1994 The extended and strengthened building was opened on 1st October
2011/12 Front cottage and front garden repaired and modified after water leak