Our vision is to be a caring and accepting church with Jesus at its centre, facing outwards to the local community and beyond.

Sunday Groups

On Sunday mornings the children and young people spend the first part of the service together with the adults before going out to their groups. We have 4 different groups for those of different ages, but all seek to share Bible stories and encourage each child and young person as they grow in faith. Alongside these groups, we also run a creche for babies and toddlers.


Xstream is for children in school-year 5 or below at school. The group look at bible stories together, do lots of different crafts, play fun games and have a drink and biscuit snack.


b5 logoB5 is for children in school-years 6-8. The children  engage with biblical issues in a fun, interactive way, such as through games, videos, dramas and discussions.


BLT is for young people in schoblt logool-years 8-10. It has more of a discussion focus, wrestling with some of the issues of life as a young person and what the Bible can teach us about them!


BLOB is for young people in school years 11-13 and builds on the time spent in BLT